Who are we

Jewellery By Blidorf, a genuine Greenlandic jewelry company, represents the beauty of our traditions and culture through modern and unique jewelry pieces. Our story began during the corona lockdown when our founder, Sascha Blidorf, crafted her first pair of earrings. Sascha wanted to create jewelry that showcased Greenland’s traditional beauty while also being modern enough for everyday wear. Moreover, it was important to Sascha to strengthen the Greenlandic economy by ensuring that everything was produced locally and not imported.

Our mission

Our mission is to create 100% Greenlandic jewelry by sourcing all of our materials locally and producing them here in Greenland. We also want our jewelry to make people feel more beautiful and confident without altering their appearance. Sascha herself has alopecia and understands how jewelry can boost self-esteem and make insecurities disappear.


Sustainability and environmental friendliness are essential values to us. We use only necessary materials and ensure that the fur we use is sustainably sourced. In the future, Sascha will personally gather materials from Greenland’s scenic landscape. In our culture, we only hunt what we need, and we are committed to ensuring that the fur we use comes from ethical hunting practices and not from animals suffering for their fur.